Center Profile
Service Scope

The predecessor of Hainan Provincial Blood Center is Hainan Red Cross blood station, established in 1989, subordinate to Hainan Govermental Health Department. It shoulders the responsbility of supplying blood to clinical use for the whole province, which involves blood collection, preparation, storage, release, and clinical blood transfusion research and promotion. The centre has seven departments, three sub-centers and four blood banks. The number of total staff is 133, 16 acquired mid to advanced lever technical certification, the proportion of staff of health education background is 72%.

The center covers an area of 2 hectare in 1996, capital asserts is 4.5 million, the working environment is a modern and garden alike place. Its development strategy is "survival by quality, improve efficiency by improving management, develop the center in the course of reform and make improvement amid innovation " .

The center has always been promoting the development of non-remunerated voluntary blood donation.

In the year of 1997, two sub-centers have been built, forming a center-radiation network of blood collection and supplying. The third sub-centers were built in 2003. Blood collected in the three sub-centers are all transported to the Haikou center for centralizing testing. The model has effectively integrated the limited resources, avoiding the repetitive construction and improper competition. All the blood collected can be tested centralized, centralized managed and distributed so as to assure the blood quality, reduce management and preparation cost, improve management quality and service quality.

The center sticks to the quality first principle, it started to implement the ISO-9002 quality system authentication in 1999, the process of blood collection and supplying and preparation of blood products were all standardized, programed and documented. Untill now, there is no one case of quality dispute due to BTD(blood transmited disease), nor a case of clinical blood usage dispute due to blood transportation delay.

In the year 1999, the center started to implement the image construction project, imported CIS operation system, trained the staff of their behavior and image. The logo on the body of the blood donation car form a sharp contrast to the other vehicle and attract the attention of the people around, especially the specially planned commonweal song "sincerity" contributed to the promotion of national non-remunerated blood donation program and the establishment of the center's image. The song was first broadcasted on the CCTV channel 1 on the 8th Apr. 2000, and be rebroadcasted many times later, and it was awarded the gold medal in the national commonweal song election selection activity.

Untill May 2004, the newly built blood center and three sub-centers were put into use, fully exerting the fuction of "centralize irradiation model blood collection and supplying network", which offered an assuring and comfortable blood donation environment, and formed a solid foundation to the safe and fast blood transportation service and the substantial development of the province's blood course.