Sub-center Profile
Blood Donation Bus Location

Introduction to the three sub-centers "centralized irradiation model blood collection and supplying network" consists of Hainan provincial blood center and three sub-centers, which responsible for the whole province's non-remunerated voluntary blood donation and clinical blood supplying, were built by the financial support of 2001 central government's national debt project. The total investment is 30 million RMB.

Hainan provincial blood center
--occupies an area of 1.1 hectare, construction area is 8032M2 . total investment is 21 million.
ADD: 28 Meisu Rd, Xiuying District, Haikou city
Tel: 8008768138, 8008768136

Sanya sub-center
--occupies an ground area of 0.13 hectare, construction area is 1386 M2 . total investment is 3.48 million.
ADD: Yuya avenue, Sanya city
Tel: 0898-88286178

Danzhou sub-center
--occupies an ground area of 0.27 hectare, construction area is 1289 M2 . total investment is 2.67 million.
ADD: Lanyang Rd, Zhongxin avenue, Nada town, Danzhou city
Tel: 0898-23883213

Qionghai sub-center
--occupies an ground area of 0.33 hectare, construction area is 1325M2 . total investment is 3.7 million.
ADD: Xinhai south Rd, Qionghai city
Tel: 0898-62920481