Foreign Friend care about the disaster area

7th to 14th of May, Mr. Simone Ventura, the engineer of Angelatoni, Italy, was invited to 2008 annual Congress of Clinical Transfusive Administrative Committee of Hospital performed in Sanya.  Afterwards, he came to Haikou, for the academic congress of Clinical Transfusive Administrative Committee of Hainan Hospital, discussing the application of Hemosafe automatic blood management system with the doctors from Hainan Provincial Blood Center, transfusion departments of some hospitals.

In between, Mr. Simone Ventura knew about the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan province in China, he came to Ms. Xiangping Yang, the chief director of Hainan Provincial blood center, to contribute 500yuan to Wenchuan people under his concern. He said, “I knew Wenchuan earthquake from news, the damaged houses, destroied streets, and buried people, especially kids, brought me huge sorrow, I pray for them could get out of danger as soon as possible, the only little thing I can do is to express my heart by contributing some money.”

This is the first time being in China for Mr. Simone Ventura, he is strongly surprised by the natrural viewsight, FANTASTIC, is his world. Sanya is the start for Mr. Simone Ventura to know about China. “I will tell all my colleagues, friends, families all about my visit, I will suggest them come to China, Hainan, especially Sanya.”